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The Classic West is a music festival that occurs every year in Los Angeles, California. This festival is home to some of the most classic bands of the twentieth and twenty first centuries: the 2017 lineup includes The Eagles, Steely Dan and more. The festival is held each year in the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. This stadium is also called the Chavez Ravine, and it is more frequently used as a baseball stadium (indeed, it is named after the LA baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers). However, it is also used as a music venue at various points throughout the year, and one of the main events that the stadium hosts is the Classic West concert. The stadium can be found in LA's Elysian Park neighborhood. It has a capacity of 56, 000 people so it is clear that the Classic West festival - which usually takes place over two full days in July - is a huge occasion (the record set for the number of people in the stadium exceeded 57, 000 at one point and this was due to a particularly spectacular home game from the Dodgers). The Classic West Festival provides food and drink for attendees (with a Mexican and Tex Mex theme throughout) and it is always a very popular event. This is part of a network of festivals that take place at various points in the US. There is also a Classic East Festival, for instance, whilst Seattle is home to a Classic North West Festival. The lineup for these other Classic festivals tends to be the same as the lineup for the Classic West festival, and so this provides an opportunities for bands to tour around the entirety of the US. Grabbing tickets for the Classic Festival is highly recommended for all music lovers.

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